Self Confidence & Self Esteem

Building Self Confidence Often focuses on the following five main areas of life:

1. Career
2. Public Speaking
3. Interviews
4. Sales
5. Social Life

Self confidence is a belief in one’s abilities to cope with every day challenges and experiences to improve one’s life.

Feeling good, successful and improving our personal lives, whether it be for relationships, friendships, careers, public speaking, presentations, sales, interviews etc.

Bupa, my health insurance, sent me to see James to help me with my self esteem, self confidence and stress. Going to see James has totally changed my life. I now say “I think I can ….” Instead of “why even bother” I didn’t even enjoy shopping or leaving the house on my own, now I go on the trains and buses to shop in Windsor and Reading. I have more energy and I am motivated to get out on my own. My self esteem has greatly improved! I recently went for a job interview. During the interview I couldn’t believe how self confident I felt! I am now looking forward to being employed for the first time in 3 years! I am now seeing James for weight loss. In only a few sessions I have totally changed my attitude towards food. I smile a lot more than I did a few months ago. I can recommend James, He will improve your life. [Carolyn from Twyford -27/6/07 ]

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How Soon Can I Achieve This?

Normally 3 to 5 sessions are all that is required using our advanced hypnotheraphy techniques with NLP

To make ourselves happier, more successful and be respected by our family, friends and peers, or work colleagues – Advanced hypnotheraphy can help you achieve this by making proactive changes to your perception of life and thinking to boost self confidence, to achieve your ambitions and goals

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Self Esteem is about the way we feel and think about ourselves.  We can appear happy and content to the world, yet feel as if we are not good enough inside.

People can be academically excellent and have high career positions, but feel as if they aren’t good enough inside.

Our feelings about ourselves whether good or bad is something we formed as we experienced life and not something we were born with.  So it can be improved by changing our perception of life. 

Some of the things that caused low self esteem are :- Negative self talk, self criticism, telling oneself we are bad, horrible, useless, ugly, never be any good, wrong etc which can be linked with poor body image, not liking one or more parts of the body eg nose, face etc, or thinking they are unattractive.

Or criticism from other people, eg teachers, partners, parents, employers, friends past and present.  Abuse either being bullied, sexual abuse, an abusive partner or name calling or teasing. Also connected to self esteem are feelings of:- not being able to, or wanting to take responsibility for problems.

Feeling helpless, hopeless, life’s out of control, not wanting to do anything about it, can’t help it, telling oneself it will never get any better, stuck in a rut, feeling a failure, or what’s the use. The above can lead to problems like self harming, drug abuse, alcohol, eating disorders, poor relationships, depression etc.

The good news is our self esteem can be improved with 3 to 5 sessions of advanced hynotheraphy.

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