Hypno Gastric Band

Hypno Gastric Band or Gastric Band Surgery

As obesity rates around the world increases, demand for gastric band surgery has never been higher. The success stories of various celebrities have encouraged thousands to follow in their foot steps. If you are really committed to losing weight then Gastric Band Hypnotherapy will help you to achieve your goals. Designed for those with a BMI of 35 or over. The Hypno Gastric Band is a safe, painless and much cheaper alternative to invasive Gastric Band Surgery.

How it works

The operation involves placing a band around the top region of the stomach. The band creates a small pouch at the top of the stomach that can hold approximately 1 cup of food (rather than the normal 6 cups). When this pouch is full – it sends a message to the brain that the entire stomach is full. Therefore the patient is hungry less often, feels full more quickly and for a longer period of time, eats smaller portions, and loses weight over time. The fitting of a surgical Gastric Band results in most patients achieving a steady ongoing weight loss until they reach their target weight, as agreed with their surgeon.

The Hypnotic Gastric Band

Is intended for people who have stones rather than just pounds to lose. Anyone who is overweight by 2 stone or more may want to consider the hypnotic gastric band. In reality – the gastric band is generally reserved for those people with a BMI of 35 or over. If you have less weight to lose other methods of hypnotherapy may be more appropriate.

The Hypnotic Mind Band is designed to create a different relationship with food for the patient, so that they eat much smaller portions and enjoy a generally healthier diet. Just as having a traditional Gastric Band surgically fitted is not a quick fix, nor a miracle cure, neither is the Hypnotic Gastric Band: with both procedures, a number of life changes are required.

Having an imaginary gastric band fitted during hypnosis is an ingenious way to help overweight people shed the pounds without undergoing any of these dangerous and expensive procedures. The success stories of having a hypnotic gastric band have been well documented in the news recently.

The Surgical Gastric band

Procedure is not always appropriate for everyone; it is usually limited to those with the highest BMI and not suitable for some people due to the anaesthetic risks. Other people may be put off due to a fear of hospitals or the length of time it may take to recover. On top of this it can be complicated and risky and often leads to discomfort and many unpleasant and painful side effects. Most of the patients will experience one or more of the following symptoms;

• Nausea and vomiting

• Reflux or regurgitation of food

• Slipped band

• Obstruction or blockage

• Constipation.

• Diarrhea.

• Difficulty swallowing.

Also, there is the price – to have a gastric band fitted it can cost £5000 or more, and it does not offer a miracle solution – lifestyle changes must be made to reap the full benefits.

How to work out your BMI

BMI is a measure of body mass, to work yours out, Divide your weight in kilograms. By your height in metres. eg. A lady that is 55kg in weight and 1.5 metres tall == 55kg divided by 1.5 metres = a BMI of 36.7 and is therefore suitable for this treatment.

For more information about the Hypno Gastric Band

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