Stop Smoking

After smoking for 17 years approximately 25-30 a day it was time for me to end my addiction.  with the help of james and his relaxed manner, I am now a ‘non smoker’.  [Jerry]

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Phil local Radio DJ from Reading used to smoke over 20 per day, and saw me February 03, to stop smoking and about a month later he said, “It’s unbelievable I’m not interested in cigarettes any more, no cravings, and it doesn’t bother me if I see anyone smoking. Seeing James is one of the best thing I’ve ever done in my life, as I feel so much fitter now, I shall recommend him to everyone, it was so easy. [Phil DJ From Reading]


Hi I’m John from Reading. I saw James to stop smoking having tried patches, gum and willpower with no success, it just didn’t work.  One session was all it took on a cold Monday in February 04. I haven’t touched a cigarette since.  I was on 20 per day. I’m much fitter and healthier, it’s got to be the best money I’ve spent in my life.  I can thoroughly recommend this treatment to anyone.  [john – Reading]

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I saw James in January 2007 desperate to stop smoking. Over the years I’ve tried everything, gum, patches, willpower but always relapsed. I was smoking 20 cigarettes a day and felt awful.  My clothes and hair stank, my daughter was begging me to stop. I had a smokers cough stinky cigarette breath and felt exhausted.  After I saw James, I stopped! It was as simple as that and I haven’t touched a cigarette since.  My skin is clear, my cough gone and best of all, my daughter is no longer worried that 1’m going to die young. [Olivia from London 18.4.07]

Hi I’m Dawn fro Reading, I saw James March 2004 to stop smoking, I was sceptical at first but it was so easy he explained everything to me and I’ve never touched a cigarette since. I used to smoke 20 a day cough in the morning, get out of breath going upstairs and my partner was nagging me to stop, now I’m much healthier and fitter and its got to be the best money I’ve ever spent in my life. I can recommend James to anybody. [Dawn March 2004] 

I smoked 20 cigarettes a day and wanted to stop, get fitter and not gain weight. I had my session and was surprised on returning home that I didn’t want a cigarette. MY husband still smoked and I still did not want one. I’m now fitter and have also lost weight too. [Ali from Twyford] 

Colin from Bracknell had the treatment to stop smoking December 03, After which, he said, “It was amazing, so easy, and relaxing I was aware of everything that was going on. James explained everything to me.  Since then I haven’t touched a cigarette and it doesn’t bother me in the slightest if I see anybody smoking.  I used to smoke 20 a day, costing £5 a day or £35 a week, which I’m now saving towards a new car, that’s £18,000 per year.  It’s the best money I’ve ever spent in my life as I don’t get out of breathe walking up the stairs like I used to and I can thoroughly recommend the treatment to anyone.” [Colin Bracknell] 

Weight Loss

When I arrived I did come hoping that this would work for me, but perhaps not quite fully believing it would.  Now at my last session I can see the many changes that have occurred.  I now enjoy walking and exercising. I don’t binge eat or eat when I am bored, stressed or lonely.  My family and friends have seen major changes in the way I have become more positive and no longer have food as the most central part of my life.  My weight is going down slowly, I have already dropped one dress size and could not be happier.  [Christine from Reading].

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Hi I’m hazel from Feltham, I saw you 18 months ago and since then I have lost 5 stone. In the past I struggled with my weight, diets didn’t work – now my attitude to food has totally changed.  I only eat when I am hungry and stop when I’m full and no longer eat for emotional reasons. I feel much fitter, healthier, relaxed and enjoy life more and I’ve now met a new partner and we plan to get married next May. I can recommend this treatment to anyone it’s worked fantastically well. Thanks to James. [Hazel from Feltham] 

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I have tried all diets with no lasting success.  I came to James as a last resort thankfully my attitude to food has changed completely. I have lost 1 ½ stones and will go further.  There is no diet, just a change in attitude, all made easy! I feel more positive and now know that I am in control!  I would recommend James to anybody

[Sandra from Reading].

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I thoroughly recommend a course of hypnotherapy from James.  I have just lost a stone in less than 7 weeks because my attitude to food has changed.  I no longer eat for the sake of it between meals and feel so much more confident.  [Bill from Maidenhead]

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My trip to James has helped my attitude to food immensely I now only eat when I am hungry and sweet things are a distant memory.  I would recommend hypnotherapy to anyone who is finding diets don’t work.  I have lost 1 ½ stone thanks to James. [Colin]

I saw James in February 07 to help me lose weight, after the 5 session my attitude to food has changed I no longer eat food to cope with stress, or for comfort reasons and only eat when hungry.  I’ve lost over 1 stone and my weight is continuing to reduce. I’m very happy with the outcome thanks to James’ hypnotherapy. [Tim May 2007]

Rob from Bracknell says that after seeing James he has completely transformed his diet and general attitude towards eating.  Whilst he has to date lost 10lbs he has actually found that the increased energy and satisfaction gained from the changes have prove d far more significant that the weight loss.  He would recommend this treatment to anyone who feels food or weight are an issue in their life. [Rob from Bracknell]

Confidence / Self Esteem

Bupa, my health insurance, sent me to see James to help me with my self esteem, self confidence  and stress.  Going to see James has totally changed my life.  I now say “I think I can ….”  Instead of “why even bother” I didn’t even enjoy shopping or leaving the house on my own, now I go on the trains and buses to shop in Windsor and Reading. I have more energy and I am motivated to get out on my own.  My self esteem has greatly improved! I recently went for a job interview. During the interview I couldn’t believe how self confident I felt! I am now looking forward to being employed for the first time in 3 years! I am now seeing James for weight loss. In only a few sessions I have totally changed my attitude towards food.  I smile a lot more than I did a few months ago.  I can recommend James, He will improve your life.  [Carolyn from Twyford –27/6/07 ]

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I’ve always got stressed with work and home life, James helped me to distress and calm myself down, life is much more enjoyable now. Thanks a million. [Dave from Thatcham]

Panic Attacks

I can now go to supermarkets and into shops on my own for the first time in years. I’m now looking for a part time job. Thanks for changing my life. [Sarah from Marlow]


Anxiety is something I used to get almost daily over silly irrelevant things until I was recommended to James. He’s changed me so much my husband can’t believe it. I’m a different person now and take life in my stride. I cannot thank you enough. [Julie from Maidenhead]

Hi 1’m John from Reading I saw James to stop smoking having tried patches, gum, and willpower with no success, it just didn’t work.  One session was all it took on a cold Monday in February 04. I haven’t touched a cigarette since.  I was on 20 per day I’m much fitter and healthier, it’s got to be the best money I’ve spent in my life.  I can thoroughly recommend this treatment to anyone.[John – Reading]


My boyfriend I couldn’t trust as I thought he was always making excuses not to see me.  I was obsessed with him and wanted to see him every day and was jealous thinking all the time he was with someone else.  It nearly drove us apart.  I read about Hypnosis and wondered if it could help me.  James totally changed me I get on much better with my boyfriend and no longer jealous and he’s proposed to me. I’m so happy many thanks.

[Sue from Twyford]


I used to always be obsessed with my weight and appearance thinking I was fat even though I only weighed 8 stone. Making myself sick every evening after mealtimes. Something had to be done my health was deteriorating Doctors didn’t understand or help. 5 sessions with James and I think differently now no longer making myself sick. It’s amazing it really worked I shall always be grateful.

[Evon from Reading]

Weight Loss

My weight was always a problem diets didn’t work and I was getting bigger and bigger eating junk food, it started effecting my social life when I was upset I would binge eat.  I saw James’s newspaper ad and thought if only it would work for me. Six months later and I’ve lost over 2.5 stone.  Half a stone to go now. [Linda from Reading]


After 5 sessions with James I am now much calmer, more patient and relaxed with people and friends and family. Many thanks.

Lyn from Reading]


A friend recommended me to James I was sceptical at first, but to my amazement it really worked.  I’m much better now.

[Sandra from Bracknell]

Nail Biting

I used to always bite my nails ever since the age of 11.  I could not stop and was ashamed, until I saw James now I’m proud of my nails.

[Sue from Reading]

Public Speaking

I was always trying to avoid public speaking and holding meetings at work, my mouth went dry.  I felt nervous and couldn’t think what to say. Until one day someone suggested Hypnotherapy I saw James for 4 sessions and now it doesn’t bother me anymore. Thanks

[Ian from Newbury]

Self Confidence

I split with my partner and didn’t have the confidence or know how to go about finding someone special in my life a new partner. That’s all in the past I am now a member of social clubs and am now dating a special man and am now so much happier.

[Jane from Maidenhead]

Self Esteem

Since giving up work to have a family, I found that my IT skills were out of date and felt low, inadequate, useless, behind and on the scrap heap.  My self esteem was low. I saw James to improve my self esteem and never looked back I’ve been on various courses and now working back in an office feeling much better about myself. [Natalie from Reading]

Fear Of Flying

Before I saw James I couldn’t go abroad for holidays as I was frightened of flying. Now I’ve been to Egypt with no problems and looking forward to next year when I go to Jamaica. [Lesley from Bracknell]


I had some promotion from work and as part of my new sales role I was expected to demonstrate and make a presentation about a new software product.  I found as soon as I stood up in front of more than 2 people my voice went, I felt nervous, and I lost my train of thought for words, felt embarrassed and lost my confidence, and felt bad about myself.  After seeing James for 4 sessions, I’m now doing the presentations to up to 20 people with no problems and feel much more confident and in control. [Dave from Reading]

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