James Barugh was trained as an ADVANCED HYPNOTHERAPIST by Andrew Newton, the man that trained Paul Mckenna. Also personally trained by Valerie Austin in ADVANCED STRUCTURED HYPNOTHERAPY, hypnotherapist and author of several books on hypnotherapy.
James Barugh NRAH. “GHR” NLP. GQHP, Professional, Fully Qualified, Advanced Hypnotherapist with over 12 years of experience practicing in Berkshire and fully insured.

Collin had the treatment, after which he said “It was amazing. So easy and relaxing, yet I was aware of everything that was going on. Since then I have`nt touched a cigarette, I used to smoke 20 per day costing £35 a week, thats £1800 a year, and I don`t get out of breathe like I used to walking up the stairs. It`s the best money I`ve ever spent in my life, and I can thoroughly recommend it to anyone”

Corporate clients, I can help your staff stop smoking, please contact for details

Sue From Reading says
Over the years I`ve struggled with many diets and my weight has gone up and
down like a yo yo. Since seeing James my attitude to food has changed, I only eat when I`m hungry and stop when I`m full. I`ve lost 2 stone, feel fitter, happier and life is much better. I can recommend James to anyone

One third of the people I see nowadays are recomendations from previos clients.

Hypnosis is totally safe, and you are aware and in control at all times, and cannot be made to do anything against your will. Hypnosis is not sleep, it is a safe relaxing, enjoyable experience. It works because our minds work on two levels, the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. We think and act with our conscious mind. The subconscious mind controls our habits. In this relaxed state we can communicate directly with the subconscious mind. This is why it becomes relatively easy to change long standing problems.

Practicing in Berkshire, Reading, Maidenhead and Bracknell.

James Barugh NRAH. “GHR” NLP. Dip. Adv. Hyp. Professional, Fully Qualified, Advanced Hypnotherapist experienced and fully insured.
N.H.S. Provider Number 8GG89
NRAH = National Register of Advanced Hypnotherapists
NLP = Neuro Linguistic Programming (Dip. INLPTA)
GHR Reg” = Member of the General Hypnotherapy Register
GQHP = General Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice
Advanced Hypnotherapy can help you to improve your life.
From stopping smoking in one hour, Losing Weight to increasing confidence, banishing phobias, or just managing stress and improving sleep.
With a caring professional, fully qualified hypnotherapist in Berkshire with over 12 years experience to help you, improve you life and save you money and working full time.

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